Daniels mission, in addition to service and parts sales, is to provide assistance to people who either have unique or common sprinkler needs. We are here for you, the homeowner, the contractor, and especially the hydraulic sprinkler system owner, to help you keep your valuable investment in working order for as long as possible, or to assist you with a full or partial conversion to current technology at the best possible price.

Skilled in many types of sprinkler systems from the very old manual and hydraulic systems to the most sophisticated and modern electronics, Daniels is your place to come for assistance, repair, and parts. We carry many of the components for older control systems as well as new. While some of these are used or rebuilt, we have some of the most current products on the market today. Specializing in Toro and Rainbird brands, we also carry some controller parts for Imperial, Weathermatic, Batrow, Moody, Turfco, Lawn Genie, Nelson, and Safe-t-Lawn in limited NOS quantities.

We still have Toro hydraulic parts including new valves and parts, rebuilt and repaired hydraulic controllers, tubing fittings, and individual pieces and parts to repair your system. If you need any assistance not listed here, email for your custom Daniels Sprinkler System Solution.


Repair Videos Coming Soon

Check out our video links for a more hands on approach to sprinkler system repair.